fantasy friday 8.26.16

berriesIf I had more money, time, and all the butter in the land – here are the things I would be baking this week.  I’ve also thrown in a cocktail of the weekend because fancy drinks make me feel fancy.

Cocktail of the weekend

  • Completely by accident Bourbon and Honey has made my fantasy friday list twice this week. I’m completely smitten with these bourbon and honey melon balls.

Have a nice weekend!

cashew date bars

cashew date bars

In the past 10 days I’ve made strawberry shortbread cookies, homemade thin mints (coming soon), and six almond cakes. While I’ve most definitely eaten all of these things for breakfast – I also added in these super easy copycat larabars...
almond cake

almond cookie cake

This cake is deceptively wonderful.  I’m a firm believer everyone should have an extremely easy but extremely delicious cake in their back pocket.  Figuratively and literally. This almond cake comes together with a handful of seemingly unexciting ingredients but it’s so good...