best of 2016


best of 2016

2016 has come and gone and I’ve filled at least 4 kitchens with dirty dishes and spilled more sugar on my keyboard than is probably recommended.  This blog is mostly read by my mom, sister, and boyfriend (hi guys) but occasionally a few more people pop over to oh, honey honey, and google analytics lets me know it.  Here are the top 6 recipes* of 2016 according to the internet fairies.

  1. Blood orange olive oil cake. This was my first recipe to ever make it on food gawker and I freaked out in the middle of clinical rounds at work when I found out.  This cake is moist, lightly sweet, and bright thanks to the seasonal blood oranges. I miss it.
  2. Dark chocolate macaroons. I made multiple batches of these cookies in one week. They are more fudge than cookie and can convert even non-coconut lovers to the party.
  3. Berry breakfast bars. Some Canadian website linked to these bars on my site, and again I freaked out in the middle of clinical rounds at work. In my dreams, I have some very specific Canadian following who love brown sugar, oats, and fresh berries.
  4. Rainbow sugar cookies. This is one recipe I am not at all surprised to see made the cut.  These rainbow sugar cookies are pleasing in every way possible.  Easy, bright, fun, tasty, nostalgic.  They are everything.
  5. Strawberry tarts with shortbread crust. I was so pleased with these! Buttery crust, creamy filling, and bright strawberries sliced thinly on top. This is also when I learned how hard it is to photograph powdered sugar.
  6. Homemade thin mints. I’m not sure if there is a better summer cookie than a cool chocolate mint cookie pulled straight out of the freezer.  Extra points for adding rainbow sprinkles for no reason whatsoever.

* I don’t totally understand google analytics or the internet fairies and could only find the top six.

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