fantasy friday 3.10.2016

fantasy friday donuts

If I had more money, time, and all the butter in the land – here are the things I would be baking this week.  I’ve also thrown in a cocktail of the weekend because fancy drinks make me feel fancy.

  • I send my boyfriend, on average, 4-5 pictures of donuts from instagram a week. I do not know how to be more clear that I want him to bring me home donuts.
  • I had a very realistic dream the other night that my friend and I were sampling fudge to buy at a chocolate shop.  In the wildest depths of my subconscious, I do things creative things like eat rocky road fudge.
  • Sometimes I find myself craving desserts that I’ve never even had before.  Last year it was magnolia bakery’s banana pudding (huge success) and right now, it’s coconut cream pie.
  • It has been feeling like spring recently and that means I want all things lemon.  These lemon cookies with blackberry buttercream seem like a good place to start.
  • Chocolate chip cookie cereal. I just don’t think I need an explanation for this one.

Cocktail of the weekend

Have a nice weekend!

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