rosé, white, and blue popsicles

I rarely complete any of my blog ideas on time.  I still haven’t created a proper post for the one year anniversary of oh, honey honey and that was 10 months ago…

But for the fourth of July I went out of character and ordered popsicle molds weeks ago. Am I even allowed to have a blog if I don’t post something with rosé and berries this weekend? I don’t want to risk it so these rosé, white, and blue popsicles will have to do.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud of that pun and I’d be naive if I didn’t admit there are probably hundreds of recipes called the exact same thing.rosé popsiclesrosé popsiclesWhat no one tells you is that rosé popsicles take forever to freeze and melt in about 6 seconds. Unlike traditional fruit popsicles, the alcohol content means they don’t really stay frozen.  You can either enjoy it quickly or stir one into a glass of rosé and accept defeat.

The sweetest kind of defeat.rosé popsicles

They’re impractical but they’re gorgeous, yeah? Popsicles are just whimsical and fun and that’s exactly what a summer holiday calls for.rosé popsiclesI also love how many possibilities there are here. I made mine with sparkling rosé, lemonade, raspberries, blueberries, and cherries – but you can have a go with just about anything. I’ve listed a few combinations below and if you’ve taken Monday off to make it a super long weekend, it’s irresponsible of you not to try a few.rosé popsicles

popsicle ideas

  • sparkling wine, peaches, and ginger syrup
  • blend watermelon, rosé, and lime juice
  • sweet tea vodka and lemonade
  • white wine, limoncello, and blueberries
  • prosecco, blackberries, and rosemary simple syrup

rosé, white, and blue popsicles

6 oz sparkling rosé

1/2 cup lemonade

1 cup mixed berries, sliced up depending on size


Stir together your rosé and lemonade in a pyrex cup (or anything with a pour spout).  Drop the berries into your popsicle molds (I used these but now of course I want lots of other shapes too). Pour the wine mixture over your berries, place the popsicle sticks into the molds and let them freeze overnight or for at least 4 hours. The freeze time will be shorter with less alcohol and longer the boozier it gets.

Run some warm water over the popsicle molds to release the popsicle.

Enjoy! (quickly)

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