best of 2017

In 2017 I managed to spill flour over every surface of my kitchen and officially entered into a love-hate relationship with sourdough .  This blog is mostly read by my family members and a handful of lovely co-workers but occasionally a few more people pop over to oh, honey honey, and google analytics lets me know it.  Here are the top 10 recipes* of 2017 from my very tiny, impossibly small, corner of the internet.

  1. marzipan and dark chocolate mandel bread. This is the first recipe I made from Molly Yeh’s cookbook, leading her to her comment on my instagram and giving me my own personal 2017 best moment.
  2. blackberry bourbon lemonade with mint. In re-reading this post I discovered I used the term “a fuchsia party that just won’t stop.” If that doesn’t make you curious, I don’t know what will.
  3. rainbow sugar cookies. These deserve all the praise in the world. It’s a soft chewy sugar cookies rolled in joy.
  4. almond cookie cake. This cake is so simple, uses margarine, which is a fun throwback, and gets dusted with powdered sugar in any shape you fancy.
  5. blood orange olive oil cake. Fun fact: I get a spam comment 2-3 times a week telling me that my blood orange olive oil cake is missing out on hundreds of hits a week.  These spam comments are my most engaged readers. And they are robots.
  6. whipped shortbread cookies with blackberry icing. Full disclosure, I may be the sole reason this post has done so well this year.  I revisit this recipe on the regular and despite the garbage photos, the cookies are heaven.
  7. s’mores cookies with nutella. I made these cookies for my friend Riley’s birthday and he has helped me move apartments no less than 4 times this year so basically I still owe him a lot of cookies.
  8. peanut butter raspberry pie. Looks a bit like a deep dish pizza, tastes like a nostalgic fantasy pie.
  9. roasted strawberry and rhubarb pie. I’m so pleased this cake made the cut. It’s gorgeous beyond belief and reunited me with my love of sheet cakes.
  10. peaches and cream cake. Last but not least, the cake I made for my gorgeous popover of a nephew. Baby pictures included and they’re worth it.

*good news – in contrast to 2016, I actually figured out how to find all 10.

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