fantasy friday 3.11.2016

fantasy fridayIf I had more money, time, and all the butter in the land – here are the things I would be baking this week.  I’ve also thrown in a cocktail of the weekend because fancy drinks make me feel fancy.

  • Because my cookie scoop is my new best friend, I’d like to scoop to my hearts content with these dark chocolate macaroons.
  • I’ve only made right side up cakes before but this caramelized banana upside down cake is convincing me it may be time to change my ways.
  • These peanut butter squares look like one giant, soft, peanut butter cup.  I’d like to store some in the freezer for days that end in “y”.
  • I made a homemade yellow cake once and it tasted like vanilla soaked cardboard.  It’s redemption time with this classic yellow cake.
  • I’m very into a coffee cake that is 50% cake and 50% crumb like this New York style crumb cake.
  • Speaking of crumb…pie day is coming up so let’s make this peach crumble pie.

Cocktail of the weekend

Have a nice weekend!

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