fantasy friday (10.13.2017)

If I had more money, time, and all the butter – here are the things I would be baking this week.  I’ve also thrown in a cocktail of the weekend because fancy drinks make me feel fancy.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever had a fresh fig but pinterest has made me obsessed with them this week. How beautiful is this honey cake with marscapone, figs, and pistachios?
  • When is clementine season? I’ve never had clementine in a dessert and this clementine and almond syrup cake feels like the right way to start.
  • For many many many years of my life – my after school snack was two mint milanos.  I was really living the good life.
  • I think I’ve mentioned I sometimes get cravings for foods I’ve never had.  In 2014 it was magnolia bakery banana pudding, this summer it was icebox cake, and currently it’s homemade butterscotch pudding.
  • It’s friday the 13th.  Let’s make death by chocolate pumpkin cake. Also because the color of this cake is mesmerizing to me.

Cocktail of the weekend

Have a nice weekend!

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